Saturday, March 27, 2010


For the past few years, politics has already lost It's real meaning, which is to "serve the people", some politicians nowadays are using their political power to gain popularity and money from their people, people who works hard in order to live and pay for their bills and taxes.

REMEMBER: " Politicians who always claim how good they are, can't be all that good!those who have the real substance rarely utter a word!

Well, there are so many issues to tackle on this subject but my point is... how are we suppose to get rid of these leeches of society?, how can we kick their asses out of the palace? definitely, we don't have the power to do these things, but "we" have the power to choose among those pesky candidates who are running for the MAY 2010 ELECTION.!

Let's unite to discard those Idle candidates, each and everyone of us can be the voice of the masses!

and for the politicians out there!

Instead of deceiving us and ruining our hopes, kindly and wholeheartedly promote clean and peaceful election this coming MAY!~

Disregard your earthly desires!

PS: FUCK your ROTTEN system of POLITICS!!


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